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NRI Services 

India has turned into a splendid investment destination for Non Resident Indians and persons of Indian origin. A growing & robust economy, a strong Rupee and profitable companies have together ensured that investors get maximum returns from both equity and debt markets. A highly transparent and automated stock exchange and a resonant mutual fund industry have ensured that investments are liquid and transparent. Taking advantage of this environment and our proven experience in the market.

Service Offered (Non Resident Indians)

  1. How NRI strategy would work? Investor opens an NRE account with the funds repatriated into India.
  2. Investor defines his investment goals.
  3. We design a mutual fund portfolio based on invest objectives
  4. Investor can give mandate letter making Mr. x mandate holder to implement strategy without the loss of time and investor intervention or Investor can make one of his known persons mandate holder who can execute documents and sign cheques on his behalf.

We monitor the performance and progress of portfolio on continuous basis and refine strategy if required and carry out portfolio rebalancing.

We provide regular update of the portfolio to the investor.Investment in stocks and mutual funds is subject to market risks. Investors should read the offer documents carefully and consult their investment advisor before investing.